In the sequel to Gone By Dawn, Roxy has returned to her old ways and is once again working at the strip club. She receives a surprise visit from Jessie, a co-worker of her old friend Alana, who put the events of the massacre behind her and used the money to become a vet. But now Alana is missing and Roxy fears the worst. Joined by a new dancer named Alura who may have ulterior motives for helping them, Roxy and Jessie attempt to get Alana back. But three hitmen are soon on their trail and they learn that Vince’s uncle has finally figured out who stole his money from Stag’s safe.


Written & Directed by Shaun Donnelly

Produced by Gina Cicero & Jarvis Greiner

Starring: Skylar Radzion, Ashley Laventure, Jayson Therrien, Chris Krueger & Brenna-Lynn Jonasson 


Based on the novel by Cynthia Vespia, Gladiatrix: Crescent Moon tells the story of a simple slave girl who is forced to fight as a gladiator in order to survive. But while she would do anything to escape the bloody games, a royal queen goes to great lengths to join them. Because female gladiators are worshipped as heroes and she desires the love of her subjects. 


Ariana Marie is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry. Together with husband Jack Spade they operate a very unique web-cam house in Las Vegas. But when the cameras are always rolling and there are beautiful women behind every door, even the best marriage can be strained. The couple deal with a lack of privacy as they try to have a normal relationship in an abnormal environment. All while keeping it secret from their neighbors who have no idea what’s going on in the nice house owned by the friendly couple.

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