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When Holly, a Chinese exchange student, becomes the target of a popular clique of girls at the American high school she’s attending she has nowhere to turn. Teachers ignore her, the principal refuses to act (one of the bullies is his daughter) and her well-meaning sponsor is too wrapped up in her burgeoning music career to notice. After a particularly humiliating encounter in the girl’s locker room, Holly is so depressed she considers suicide. Then one day she makes a friend. Grace is a strange girl who seems immune to bullies and teachers alike. She brings Holly out of her shell and together the pair begin to get even with Holly’s tormenters. Harmless pranks at first but soon Grace raises the stakes. When one of the bullies is murdered in her bed Holly realizes she’s unleashed a monster and the next victim might be her.


Written & Directed by Shaun Donnelly

Produced by Jarvis Greiner

Starring: Ludan Cui, Skylar Radzion, Nakita Kohan, Jaslyn Collis, Morgan Gallavan, Koreen Perry, Saleste Mele & Jayson Therrien


When Alana, a naïve stripper, is raped by her boss, she turns to her fellow dancers for help. Joined by Roxy and her best friend Crystal they hatch a plan to kidnap Stag and force him to give them the combination to his safe. Using his own vices against him, Roxy seduces Stag and drugs him. When he awakes he is cuffed to his workout bench where three women he has wronged in different ways hold him captive. In what becomes a grim battle of wills, the girls use physical and mental torture to try to force the combination out of him, needing the money to flee before he gets free and kills them all. But they quickly realize they’re in over their head as everything that could go wrong does.


Directed by Shaun Donnelly

Written by Shaun Donnelly & Jeffrey Brown

Produced by Gina Cicero

Starring: Hannah Fierman, Saleste Mele, Katelyn Pearce, Jayson Therrien, Michael Benjamin Welsh, Reamonn Joshee, Chris Krueger & Brenna-Lynn Jonasson

JOHN 316

A psychiatric hospital is turned upside down when a mysterious drifter is admitted and assigned to Room 316. Known only as John Doe, the new patient bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. When he starts performing ‘miracles’, the inmates begin to follow him as his disciples.  This causes tension with the hospital administrators who are loathe to admit the patients are actually improving under John’s guidance. They set out to expose him, leading to one final miracle that will change all their lives forever.


Directed by Jarvis Greiner

Written by Brandon Rhiness

Produced by Gilbert Allan

Starring: Afton Rentz, Griffin Cork, Colin Matty, Reamonn Joshee, Darrel Portz, Skylar Radzion & Vina Nguyen


SexAbility is a very unique documentary that explores the sex lives of the disabled. Created at the behest of a major Canadian University, filmmakers were charged with treating this potentially controversial subject in a tasteful and respectful manner. As Dr. Shaniff Esmail says in the film, "Sex is a vital component to an individual's health and wellness, no less so if the person happens to be disabled." There is precious little material on the subject, perhaps because as a society we'd like to imagine that the disabled don't have the same sexual needs as the rest of us. Yet the first question a newly paralyzed man will ask his doctor is inevitably, 'Will I still be able to have sex?' SexAbility introduces audiences to 4 courageous individuals who have vowed not to let their disability prevent them from enjoying a healthy sexlife.


Directed by Shaun Donnelly

Produced by Kelly Falardeau


When three stoners launch a camera drone off their balcony in the hopes of spying on their sexy neighbor they overshoot the target and see what appears to be a zombie massacre in the apartment two floors below theirs. Mistaking this for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse they barricade themselves in the apartment where everything that happens only reinforces their belief that zombies are taking over the building. Becoming increasingly paranoid as they do mountains of coke, they decide to embark on a rescue mission to save their beautiful neighbor before the zombies get her.


Directed by Gilbert Allan

Written by Shaun Donnelly

Produced by Jarvis Greiner

Starring: Griffin Cork, Ben Francis, Wesley Sellick & Jolene Hexx

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